D&I Maturity Model

A researched and validated tool to assess levels of inclusive leadership practice.

This assessment tool has been developed exclusively by In Diverse Company. It is based on primary research we have undertaken exploring the question ‘What makes a leader/individual inclusive?’.  Our research, developed with academic integrity with proven validity and reliability, has explored traits and indicators that are proven to lead to inclusive behaviours that in turn build inclusive cultures.  From this research we have built an assessment that provides an indicator of an individual’s, team’s and organisation’s inclusive maturity.

We are able to partner with businesses to build maturity levels by offering strategy, development programmes, coaching and policies & procedure reviews that build your inclusive culture and therefore commercial success.

The services we offer to build your inclusive culture are tailored to your maturity levels and can be carried out over 6 to 18 months, depending on your preference. We revisit the maturity assessment at the end of the process and are able to offer accreditation where there has been an increase in organisational maturity over the period of the work.