We take the same collaborative approach at In Diverse Company. We partner with individuals and organisations who can bring a fresh perspective and an additional expert lens, to particular clients, or particular issues.

Our collaborators include

Sostratus Capital

Sostratus Capital is an innovative and pioneering quantitative investment management team. In Diverse Company and Sostratus Capital partner together and work with the FMCG sector to promote inclusion and are working in ways to increase diversity across the sector.

Adapt 2 Digital

Adapt2Digital are unique in their positioning around digital and digital transformation. We take a people first approach to digital age leadership and a belief that digital transformation is a people movement and not a project, programme or portfolio thereof. Our methodology and framework has been developed client side over the last 5 years and one thing has emerged as a constant. Diversity and inclusion is part of the digital story, not an add on. We are delighted and excited to be partnering with IDC, where the cross section of the D&I agenda can be met, addressed and value celebrated.

BD Foundation

As a top 10 Global Diversity Consultant, we have collaborated with 100+ organisations, influenced 100,000+ individuals across regions. We provide a platform for creating awareness on inclusive practices, conducting research & partnering with institutions to be future ready by promoting inclusive growth. BD Foundation Mentorship programs have been felicitated prestigious “Global Leadership in Mentoring” award by Hillary Clinton in USA in 2014 and has also been featured as “Top 10 Global Diversity Consultants” in the Global Diversity List consecutively for three years (2015,16,17) published by The Economist & The Telegraph.

What we’re talking about

We’re supporting women around the world through our free mentoring programme to build confidence, knowledge, their understanding of technology and explore future career options.

In Diverse Company hosts events globally on topics such as; “What makes a leader inclusive?”; “How can data help shape your D&I agenda?”. For more information or to register interest please…

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Our technology learning platform drives positive behaviour change. it has been developed by technologists, human and behavioural scientists and in collaboration with academics.