Our tool for insights and growth

D&I ROI journey graphic

Our D&I ROI™ tool enables your organisations to identify areas to increase company performance, whether this be through increasing profits, share-price, market-share or speed, agility to market with new products. The tool analyses quantitative and qualitative organisational data, our data scientists and D&I experts use this analysis to explain what is happening and why within the organisation in relation to diversity and inclusion. The results of this audit are used to identify specific D&I interventions that make up our D&I accreditation that will have a direct return on investment (ROI) in the short, medium and long-term and our D&I experts are able to support with these solutions.

Unlike other D&I audits, our D&I ROI tool continues to track your organisational data through our D&I ROI and monitor the increased company performance and predict future trends.

We offer focus groups, executive interviews, pulse surveys and evaluation of company initiatives and practices as part of this analysis.