D&I Accreditation

We tailor your D&I journey to meet your business’ needs and our team of data, technology, psychology and behavioural change experts support you along the way. The team will partner with you and use insights gained from our D&I ROI™ data tool to select and develop solutions that will have measurable and significant impact on your business.

Our D&I model has been developed through research that shows organisations with inclusive cultures and greater diversity are those that are successful in entering new markets, have an increase in company growth, have a greater competitive advantage and understanding of customers and are able to engage, retain and attract the best talent. Our D&I ROI™ model and solutions predict measurable future trends and drive results in these five areas.

D&I education - including unconscious bias D&I Maturity Model Inclusive leadership programme D&I Maturity Model Executive team coaching Strategy development and consultancy Development of policies D&I ROI D&I ROI

All of our solutions can be offered in a bespoke way, and delivered in a format that suits you, whether that is face to face, virtually or via another method. We can offer solutions in the form of a D&I curriculum which will be aligned with your business priorities and in line with your budget. It is our philosophy to understand your organisational context when designing and delivering our solutions to you.

For more information on any of our solutions, or products or to discuss anything relating to D&I and your business please get in touch via info@indiversecompany.com, or call +44 (0) 203 150 0000.

D&I Education – Including Unconscious Bias

Interactive sessions to help your people develop understanding and engagement around D&I, and identify personal bias and challenge themselves and others in a safe environment.

These sessions will prompt your employees to think about what D&I means in your organisational context as well outside of this, and the impact and benefits it can have.

By improving awareness and understanding of unconscious bias as a team, employees will begin to change how they think about and engage with diversity matters. We’ll work with your employees to help them think about what biases they have, the impact of these and commitments they can make to manage this. Our goal is to work with you and provide solutions to work towards a globally inclusive workplace.

Managing unconscious bias at both a structural and an individual level should be a core strategy for any company committed to becoming more diverse, inclusive organization.

D&I Maturity Model

A researched and validated tool to assess inclusive leadership understanding and behaviour.

This assessment tool has been developed exclusively by In Diverse Company. It is based on primary research we have undertaken exploring the question ‘What makes a leader/individual inclusive?’.  Our research, developed with academic integrity with proven validity and reliability, has explored traits and indicators that are proven to lead to inclusive behaviours that in turn build inclusive cultures.  From this research we have built an assessment that provides an indicator of an individual’s, team’s and organisation’s inclusive maturity.

We are able to partner with businesses to build maturity levels by offering strategy, development programmes, coaching and policies & procedure reviews that build your inclusive culture and therefore commercial success.

The services we offer to build your inclusive culture are tailored to your maturity levels and can be carried out over 6 to 18 months, depending on your preference. We revisit the maturity assessment at the end of the process and are able to offer accreditation where there has been an increase in organisational maturity over the period of the work.

Inclusive Leadership Portfolio

We have a comprehensive portfolio of content, workshops and courses to develop the knowledge and skills of your people across all levels of your organisation. These solutions include, but are not limited to the below offerings.

All our solutions are offered in a flexible and bespoke range of delivery formats, for all employee to executive level audiences. For more information, or to discuss any of this with us please get in touch via info@indiversecompany.com or call us on +44 (0) 203 150 0000.

Executive level

One to one coaching
Executive team coaching
Bespoke workshops and round table discussions
Strategy and vision advice and consultancy
Articulation of D&I vision
Access to and interpretation of curated content, research and thought leadership
Recognising and challenging bias

Board/Senior Leader level

Establishing a D&I business case
Bespoke Inclusive Leadership programme
One to one coaching
Leadership team coaching
Bespoke workshops and round table discussions
Support in articulating and communicating D&I vision
Access to curated content, research and thought leadership
Recognising and challenging bias

Senior manager level

Interpreting the business case for D&I
Creating an environment conducive to D&I
Recognising and challenging bias
One to one coaching
Management team coaching
Team D&I awareness sessions
Access to curated content, research and thought leadership

Employee population/ individual contributor

What is D&I and why is D&I important in our business
Supporting a culture for D&I
Recognising and challenging bias
Access to curated content, research and thought leadership

Executive Team Coaching

We work with executives to help them gain deep levels of personal understanding and commitments to their D&I actions. We do this through executive level coaching and a number of leadership programmes.

Some of the benefits we have seen through executive coaching are:

    • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence
    • Better understanding of the impact of their inclusive leadership behaviour on:
        • New opportunities in markets
        • Driving company growth
        • Increased competitive advantage
        • Enhanced understanding of customers
        • Increased employee engagement and talent attraction
    • Higher levels of empathy
    • Improved leadership abilities
    • Personal accountability and commitment around making the most from a diverse workforce
    • Opportunity for the leader to explore knowledge gaps and challenges around D&I in a safe space
    • Better equipped to support organisational development

We can offer coaching sessions face to face or virtually, and can be flexible to fit in with demanding schedules.

Strategy Development and Consultancy

We offer advice and support to develop the business case for a D&I strategy and engage your people in it.

Using output data from your D&I ROI™ we can work with you to help review your current strategy and policies or start from scratch. We are able to work with you from the point of conception, through to implementing, communicating and embedding the strategy.

However we support you, whether that is coaching, or writing and developing a strategy with you we will ensure what we do meets your business needs, and is embedded as an everyday part of your organisational culture.

Development of Policies

Organisational policies and processes have a significant impact on culture and practices. We can work with you to review existing documents or create new ones around attraction, recruitment, retention, development, talent management and other HR practices that underpin your D&I work to reinforce messages and mindset.