An organisational change and leadership development programme that focuses on driving inclusion across your organisation, with measurable results.

Organisations that put inclusion at the top of their agenda are proven to be more profitable and see greater benefits. However, to truly embed inclusive cultures, success is only achieved through buy-in and ownership from senior leadership and management teams.

What is Achieve?

Achieve is an organisational change programme developed by In Diverse Company, in partnership with Jason Robinson , an experienced leadership coach and mentor and ex-England Rugby captain.

The programme runs for 12-18 months and consists of 5 modules that enhance inclusion, well-being, performance, and productivity in your organisation through an action-based blended learning approach.

It has been designed to create significant change in the culture and leadership of an organisation and delivers on many aspects of inclusive leadership that are not covered within traditional leadership development courses – resilience, emotional engagement, vulnerability, mental health.

Achieve uses a mix of data and insight-led learning combined with emotional connection and lived experiences, in order to make people conscious about their biases as well as equipping them with the knowledge to correct them.

Why is it different?

We understand that every organisation is unique. Therefore, while the core modules remain constant, the surrounding design of the programme is tailored for each organisation. Before initiating, and during the course of the programme we spend time with you to understand your business strategy and link your inclusion and well-being agenda.

All employees, managers and leaders will complete Cultural Inclusion Maturity Model™, our behavioural assessments. This will provide your organisation with an inclusion score and recommendations on what development is needed.

This approach is proven to ensure high levels of engagement and participation during the programme. It also means that employees, managers and leaders spend time on a programme that is applied and relevant to their role, guaranteeing a higher return on investment.

Core Modules

1) Introduction & Inclusive Leadership

Designed exclusively for leaders, this module has a strong focus on how to master the most essential leadership skills and habits to lead an inclusive organisation.

2) Mental Well-being and Resilience

This module gives teams and leaders the necessary skills to support both themselves and each other’s mental well-being.

3) Empathy and Social Intelligence

This module fosters a sense of community within the workplace and nurtures a sensitive and transparent environment.

4) High Performing Teams

This module is designed to build a productive, collaborative, transparent and a goal-oriented team

5) Nurturing Inclusion

Through this module, participants will understand the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion and behaviours and methods to gradually build an equitable environment.

Key Principles of Achieve

Ownership & Autonomy

To have lasting change, it is important that people have ownership in the change process. We encourage organisations to work with us on the programme to suit their needs.


Each module of the programme emphasises cultivating habits at an individual and team level to support learning being daily practice. For each module, an individual will practice a habit of their choice and a habit chosen by the organisation.


The programme uses multiple modalities (sessions, e-learning programs, webinars) and approaches to learning (self-learning, group-learning, peer-supported learning) to ensure participants can practice learning anywhere and are consistently stimulated by course content. The online learning can be hosted on Include LXP or any similar learning platform.


We emphasise on building capabilities across everyone in the organisation that allow them to support one another. Achieve has three distinctive streams for leaders, managers, and employees.

Benefits to your organisation

Achieve takes an approach that engages not only leaders but all employees and managers. Everyone partaking in the programme has the autonomy to take ownership and accountability of their behaviours and the impact they have on their teams and the organisational culture.

Achieve’s emphasis on the evaluation of business processes and systems along with individual behaviours, through an accredited measure and comprehensive recommendations, makes it an infallible solution for all your EDI needs.

The programme ensures that employees, managers, and leaders all benefit equally and, in the process, become a strong inclusive team.


  1. A better understanding of diversity, equality, and inclusion. 
  2. Increased trust, communication, and collaboration.
  3. Developing high performing teams.
  4. Better well-being and resilience.
  5. A sense of community at workplace.
  6. Exchange of productive feedback.


  1. Reduced employee sickness, grievance and disciplinaries and turnover.
  2. Increased engagement, productivity, and innovation.
  3. Better communication and teamwork.

Leaders / Organisation

  1. Heightened self-awareness, empathy, vulnerability, and ability to connect with the team.
  2. Inclusion drives diversity.
  3. Positive culture change.
  4. Inclusive cultures drive transparency and enhance communication.
  5. Improved business performance.
  6. Leading change effectively.

If you’d like to know more about how Achieve can benefit your organisation, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch.

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What we’re talking about

Johanna launched In Diverse Company in 2019 out of a strong belief that there was a better way to create and measure inclusive cultures.

We live by our values, and our approach to our own recruitment policy, team and purpose reflects this. We are a tech company driven by a senior team that are experts in people, with one of the only female CEOs of a HR tech platform across the world.

Our Learning Platform, Include™ is the only LXP that combines Learning and Engagement. Include aims to create more inclusive working cultures and is underpinned by social and behavioural psychology principles.