The BBC’s diversity strategy is not good enough (via The Guardian)

For BBC news

29 diversity strategies over the past 15 years! Almost 2 new diversity strategies per year.  How can an organisation possibly cope with this rate of reinvention?  This is a fascinating article that highlights how businesses can burn money, time and trust by developing strategy where there is ‘ambiguity about the data’.  Surely the foundation of any strategy should be in the evidence which leads to a robust business case.  It seems the BBC is still floundering in these areas. The Corporation has spent £3.5 million on the measures announced back in 2014 and yet as the article points out, the ‘pace of change on diversity has been glacial’.  When drilling into the return on that investment, it delivered 17 presenters and 10 new writers, in an employee population of over 19 and a half thousand.  Such a shame when the BBC has such a profile, in the UK and internationally, to role model what a successfully diverse and inclusive organisation could look like.

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