Our Masterclasses

Our Masterclasses

Free, interactive, online 1-hour sessions to explore ED&I concepts by IDC's in-house experts

The In Diverse Company team is made up of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion experts from different fields ranging from behavioural psychology to culture change to data science and technology. More than anything, we are passionate about helping organisations and the wider society to become more inclusive.

We are the only ED&I firm that uses data, psychology, behavioural science and technology to provide a combined approach proven to create inclusive cultures that sustain, while ensuring that inclusion is at the heart of every business decision. Our approach is action-oriented, and our learning content focuses on targeted behavioural changes and habits that we want the learner to commit to and develop, for a sustainable impact. We use evidence-based innovative and blended learning strategies to suit all learners and focus on habit formation to ensure sustainable behavioural and cultural change in the organisations.

In order to support our goal of creating inclusive behaviours within organisations and also within wider society, we are proud to offer free, interactive, online Masterclasses. These will be 1-hour sessions where we will explore within the workplace, including Understanding Empathy, Active Listening, Intersectionality and Introduction to Bias and Belonging. We are excited to launch this during the Learning at Work week in May 2022.

Introduction to Empathy in Action Masterclass series

Empathy is the ability to experience and relate to the thoughts, emotions, or experiences of others. In the workplace, empathy can show deep respect for co-workers and show that you care, as opposed to just going by rules and regulations, thus creating a safe and secure environment for the employees

This series will consist of two one-hour masterclass sessions, open to all. The sessions will guide the participants towards starting to understand and deploy empathy in the workplace. Our Empathy in Action series will help provide not only an understanding of empathy, but also ways to convey and express it to contribute to greater inclusion in the workplace.

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What we’re talking about

Johanna launched In Diverse Company in 2019 out of a strong belief that there was a better way to create and measure inclusive cultures.

We live by our values, and our approach to our own recruitment policy, team and purpose reflects this. We are a tech company driven by a senior team that are experts in people, with one of the only female CEOs of a HR tech platform across the world.

Our Learning Platform, Include™ is the only LXP that combines Learning and Engagement. Include aims to create more inclusive working cultures and is underpinned by social and behavioural psychology principles.