Companies with increased diversity and inclusive cultures are able to successfully explore opportunities in new markets, drive company growth, increase their competitor advantage, have an enhanced understanding of their customers, higher levels of employee engagement and the ability to attract talent.

Our D&I ROI™ tool enables your organisation to identify areas to increase company performance, whether this be through increasing profits, share-price, market-share or speed and agility to market with new products.

Our data scientists, psychologists and D&I experts use this analysis to explain what is happening and why within the organisation in relation to diversity and inclusion. Through understanding both the what and why, we can recommend interventions that are proven to have an impact and increase the inclusive culture within your organisation.

The results of the audit are presented to the Senior Leadership team and accessible through our platform, IDC Learning™. Unlike other D&I audits, our D&I ROI™ tool continues to track your organisational data through and monitors the link between diversity, inclusivity, interventions and company performance (all aspects, not just financial performance). The D&I ROI™ also has the ability to predict future trends.

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