Caitlin Bethell

Head of Psychology

A highly motivated and driven individual with an MSc in Occupational Psychology. Caitlin has used her psychology background to shape her career in Organisational Development. She has experience working with leaders across all levels supporting them in engaging their employees, through creating new policies and processes or facilitating behavioural change interventions.​

​Prior to joining IDC, Caitlin has worked with public and private sector organisations. Initially working with Westminster City Council and shaping their learning and development offer, to more recently consulting with the Government of Jersey on their cultural transformation programme. Caitlin demonstrates professional curiosity through taking the time to understand organisations in depth.​

​Caitlin says “I am excited to be working with IDC because we are doing something different. I am passionate about understanding the psychology of human behaviour and how inclusion plays into this. People should go to work and feel they have a part to play and that they are included. We can help them do this through sharing our experience and research.”