Moses Soussis

Operations Director

During the last 16 years Moses has provided exemplary performance-driven work and leadership in the Financial Services, Payments and IT Services industries in securing progressively responsible operational leadership roles (Chief of Staff, COO) including Board membership and regulatory engagement.

With experience of IT and Business operations in UK, Europe, India and South Africa, as COO, Moses recently led an SME Software and Services company through acquisitions, modernisation of the IT, HR and Operations. Moses has conceived and introduced significant cost reductions while improving service delivered to end users, HR cloud platform to support remote workers and “Investors in People” accreditation.

Combining innovation with technical knowledge to design and deliver strategic programmes and initiatives in the Payments sector Moses lead a large client contract consolidation across 37 countries. A subject matter expert in Vendor Management with experience in managing large contracts on Telco delivery, Augmented services as well as Enterprise Licence Agreements. A strong eye for detail and focus on efficiencies, Moses has delivered savings in excess of £4M on a portfolio >£25M.

Moses prefers to take a collaborative leadership approach; to partner and trust people to do their job in the same way that he likes to be trusted. A strategist and tactician renowned for securing buy-in for significant transformational change to increase efficiency and sharpen the competitive edge.