Technology is at the heart of what we do and enables organisational and behavioural change. Our IDC Learning™ app provides users with easy access to In Diverse Company’s proprietary learning content and allows them to share insights around their learning experience with other members of their team.

IDC Learning™ has all the functionalities of an advanced Learning Management System and more. It has been developed by a team of experienced psychologists, technologists and data scientists.

Extensive functionality: ability to host learning content, assessments, surveys, any user to build engaging cards and topics from digital media: photos, videos, text, documents, links, podcasts, quizzes, polls and more. Content can be quickly saved and shared with a couple of clicks.

A modern social learning experience: with opportunities for sharing peer-generated content and social elements like commenting, liking and sharing. It supports forums and conversations amongst users and their teams, divisions, specified groups, organisation and more.

Collaboration and learning: learners can discover new resources and discussions as they scroll, and they can see where the interest is within a team or programme. Virtual teams can be any size, from 1 to 100,000 or more.

Automated check-ins: to drive more conversational and regular approach to performance management and to monitor behavioural objectives following the D&I Maturity Model™ assessment.

Personalized learning through AI: based on assessment and psychometric scores, online behaviour through the platform, user interaction and engagement.

Organizational network analytics: combining data science with behaviour science and psychology. Ability to analyse all of the data inputs to identify behaviour patterns and based on these drivers, personalised ‘nudges’ are delivered to each employee to encourage habit change.

Real time analytics: on these behaviours, traits or areas of interest to an organisation, captures statistics around learning modules, e.g. the number of attempts taken to complete a course.

What we’re talking about

We’re supporting women around the world through our free mentoring programme to build confidence, knowledge, their understanding of technology and explore future career options.

In Diverse Company hosts events globally on topics such as; “What makes a leader inclusive?”; “How can data help shape your D&I agenda?”. For more information or to register interest please…

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Our technology learning platform drives positive behaviour change. it has been developed by technologists, human and behavioural scientists and in collaboration with academics.