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Men, Loneliness & the Workplace

By Jai Thade, Head of Content   Here’s a question to reflect on: do you feel lonely? This question is a crucial one because feeling a sense of loneliness & isolation is not just painful, it is dangerous. Research indicates that it can be as

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How can charities better reflect the people they serve?

By Pooja Khajuria, Consultant   The charity sector supports a diverse range of communities, people and causes, and yet this diversity is not reflected in its personnel, particularly at the management level. Despite repeated attempts at drawing attention to this disparity, the representation and experience

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Four easy steps to having difficult conversations at work

By Pooja Khajuria, Consultant   The thing with difficult conversations is that nobody ever wants to have them, especially if you are like me and dread even the slightest of tensions in relationships, even though we know that avoiding them will only make things worse.

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Stress, Rest & Productivity

By Jai Thade, Head of Content   Think of an imaginary line. On the one extreme of this line, picture a time when you were in your most stressed state. Being in deep sleep (i.e. the polar opposite of that) can be situated on the

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To have or not to have (meetings)?

By Manasi Bharati, Content Consultant Recently, I had a day of back-to-back meetings that lasted for hours. At the start of the day, I was pumped up to have so many different interactions, on distinct projects, with people across several parts of the globe –

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Let’s talk about the corporate responsibility towards anti-racism

By Ora Rammala, D&I Consultant In the year post-2020, how have we furthered anti-racism? How much responsibility and action has actually taken place? How much are companies and corporations working towards anti-racism? Performative allyship is not enough, yet the cognitive dissonance organisations have accumulated has

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Should you express emotions at work?

By Jai Thade, Head of Content   Completely getting rid of negative thoughts & feelings is almost impossible. This is because we’ve evolved a brain over millions of years whose primary purpose is threat detection. Living in a hostile and unpredictable world – which is

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