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Measuring behavioural change – a tough nut to crack?

By Caitlin Bethell, Head of Psychology Changing behaviours is hard and even though it’s not impossible, it needs time, effort and consistency from every individual. What’s even more difficult is to track and measure it. Especially, when we think about behavioural change on a cultural

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At workplaces, humour is serious business

By Jai Thade, Head of Content It’s been a really serious and sobering year-and-a-half for all of us collectively. The pandemic and its resultant economic turmoil, socio-political strife, and the constant doom-and-gloom of the media have (understandably) wiped the smiles off a lot of people’s

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The role of behavioural science in driving inclusion

By Saloni Bhatia, Psychology Researcher Organisations are gradually but surely recognising the value of applying behavioural science to drive D&I. Let’s start with understanding – What is behavioural science? Behavioural science is a multi-disciplinary field that aims at understanding and influencing people’s behaviours by incorporating

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Oops, I made a mistake! Now what?

By Manasi Bharati, Psychology Consultant According to Google, the use of the word ‘accountability’ has increased overtime and is now used more than the word ‘responsibility’. With responsibility, you can carry out certain tasks as a part of the duties assigned to you and expected

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Nurturing inclusion at an individual and team level

By Neeti Jain, Psychology Consultant Creating, sustaining and nurturing an inclusive culture is at the core of every successful organisation. Decades of research and corporate experience have led us to conclude that Inclusion is the key to growth in organisations. It allows employees to feel

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Say Yes to Saying No

By Pooja Khajuria, Consultant   Did you say yes to the plan that you did not want to go to this weekend? Did you say yes to extra tasks this week even though you didn’t have enough time for them, and ended up working longer

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Breaking up with your bad habits

By Caitlin Bethell, Head of Psychology We all have habits that we are not exactly proud of – whether that is smoking, not exercising, nail-biting – and these can translate into our working lives – leaving work until just before the deadline, skipping lunch or

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