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The Broken Rung – how does it affect women in the workplace?

By Saloni Bhatia, Psychology Researcher What is the broken rung?   The ‘’broken rung’’ describes the phenomenon where women in entry level positions are promoted to managerial positions at much lower rates than men (a). This was Identified in research by McKinsey and LeanIn.Org (2021), where

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Soft Working – Does It Exist?

By Manasi Bharati, Psychology/Content Consultant What is soft work? Till this date we have heard of hard work and hardworking people, but recently I came across an article that spoke about something called as soft work. Soft work as a concept has been earlier used

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ED&I Programmes: Formulation v/s Execution

By Jai Thade, Head of Content One idea we keep coming back to in our work with clients when it comes to ED&I (equality, diversity and inclusion) is the idea that “the intention isn’t always the impact”.   Not only is this the case when it

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Racism in Esports

By Pooja Khajuria, Consultant Video games are silently becoming more like traditional sports. During the last couple of years, while athletes were locked down in their homes, the popularity of virtual sports grew even more. These include entirely new online games played competitively by professionals

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Meritocracy and Inequality

By Ora Rammala, ED&I Consultant    Meritocracy, a society governed by people selected according to merit, is a term that is often debated amongst all sections of society. The idea is intrinsically linked to western society as it works in tandem with capitalism. Britain and

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Think inclusion, think kindness

By Caitlin Bethell, Head of Psychology As a child I was told to be kind.  To be kind to my little sister, to be kind to my friends and family, and to be kind to people I didn’t know.  It’s a value I have carried

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ED&I in the Education Sector

By Pooja Khajuria, Consultant School and other educational institutions are experiencing classrooms that are more diverse than ever. However, this sector has persistently struggled with reflecting this diversity in its staffrooms and more so the boardrooms. When it comes to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I),

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