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Nurturing inclusion at an individual and team level

By Neeti Jain, Psychology Consultant Creating, sustaining and nurturing an inclusive culture is at the core of every successful organisation. Decades of research and corporate experience have led us to conclude that Inclusion is the key to growth in organisations. It allows employees to feel

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Say Yes to Saying No

By Pooja Khajuria, Consultant   Did you say yes to the plan that you did not want to go to this weekend? Did you say yes to extra tasks this week even though you didn’t have enough time for them, and ended up working longer

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Breaking up with your bad habits

By Caitlin Bethell, Head of Psychology We all have habits that we are not exactly proud of – whether that is smoking, not exercising, nail-biting – and these can translate into our working lives – leaving work until just before the deadline, skipping lunch or

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From Rainbow Banners to Real Change

By Jai Thade, Head of Content   It’s Pride Month, and once again we expect to see a now-familiar annual trend unfold: organisations will update their social media profiles with rainbow-themed profile pictures, banners and posts. However, here’s an uncomfortable but important question to ask

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The relevance of social intelligence in the workplace

By Manasi Bharati, Content Consultant Have you ever witnessed a river stream, or even a tiny streamlet of spilled water, mending and bending itself to flow around the hurdles it comes across? Have you ever watched a colony of ants make its way through obstacles

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Allyship is not an identity; it is a consistent process

By Ora Rammala, D&I Consultant   Anti-Racism isn’t linear or binary. It requires consistency, work, and introspection. The term ‘ally’ is often misinterpreted as a title or identity as opposed to a process. Yes, energy can often waver, but we must understand that there is

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How to make employees feel listened to

By Dominique Whitefoot, Head of Research and Strategy Making employees feel that their voices are heard, and more importantly that they are really listened to is crucial to employee engagement and a successful business. Let’s take the practical point of view – how do you

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Listening as a strategy, not as a reflex

By Jai Thade, Head of Content As creatures of conversation, every human being is born with an innate ability to listen, hindered only by our ability (or inability) to pay attention. However, there is merit in not merely relying on our listening skills as an

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How can organisations tackle parental leave bias?

By Neeti Jain, Psychology Consultant Parental leave entitles new parents to take leave from work to spend time looking after their children. The concept of maternity leave has been making visible progress in recent years and the cultural context around paternity leave is also changing as

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