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Dalit History Month – why we must talk about it

By Prachi Laddha, Consultant The world knows that Caste Discrimination is one of the most prevalent forms of discrimination in the Indian subcontinent, the brunt of which is, in the highest proportion, borne by “Dalits” – a name for people belonging to the lowest caste

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What is emotional intelligence and how to build it

By Saloni Bhatia, Psychology Researcher Valuable in leadership, parenting, and even artificial intelligence – everyone is talking about emotional intelligence or EQ as it is frequently called. But why is it so popular and what does it mean? Emotional intelligence is important because it impacts

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How to work from home effectively

By Manasi Bharati, Content Consultant Working from home or remote working options may seem like a dream come true for many, especially for the jobs that do not require your physical presence per se for getting the tasks done. The world has seen a 140%

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Workplace bestie – Such a thing exists?

By Manasi Bharati, Content Consultant Do you ever feel that you should have had your best friend with you when something happens at work and you want to share it right away? Do you feel like there should have been a person to understand you?

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Diversity Targets – just a cursory solution?

By Pooja Khajuria, Consultant Despite a continued drive to make boardrooms more representative, the current executive recruitment processes largely depend on extensive personal networks, specialised industry knowledge and building relationships. A process that is outdated and often inaccessible to people representing diverse marginalised groups. A

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Creating more age-inclusive workplaces

By Jai Thade, Head of Content One unexpected consequence of the longer lifespans that modern healthcare and technology have gifted us with, is that people are choosing to spend more of these added years at work. More people are electing to delay retirement, and some

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A deep dive into inclusive attitudes at workplace

By Caitlin Bethell and David Griffin In today’s world, the quest to create an inclusive culture is a goal that seems to be just out of reach for many. However, if organisations and the people who work for them are constantly evolving and improving by

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white feminism

White Feminism – how feminist movements failed to be inclusive

By Neeti Jain, Content Consultant Feminism is often categorised as ‘waves’ – time periods aimed at elevating women’s status in society and giving them equal rights.  In the first wave of feminism, The National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) initially worked towards suffrage for all women

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How inclusion can drive innovation in your organisation

By Neeti Jain, Content Consultant In today’s unpredictable business environment, organisations that harness differences are the ones to excel. Ideas are not generated in the air; they are created by people and are more likely to draw inspiration from seemingly unrelated places. These ideas and

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