Developed by our team in partnership with Universities from around the world and underpinned by psychological and business research in the area of inclusion.

We tailor your D&I journey to meet your business’ needs and our unique team of data, technology, psychology and behavioural change experts support you along the way.

Our D&I ROI™ tool enables your organisations to identify areas to increase company performance, whether this be through increasing profits, share-price, market-share or speed, agility to market with new products.

We believe in making a difference, and not just to companies’ commercial performance. We work across a range of not-for-profit settings focusing on how to create more inclusive environments for all.

About In Diverse Company

We are a People and Tech consultancy; our unique methodology brings together data science and human expertise.

Personalised learning through AI. Organisational network analytics. Automated check-ins. In Diverse Company has developed a revolutionary learning platform, IDC Learning™ proven to successfully drive culture change and create a more inclusive workplace.

It is important to measure where you are now and where you want to get to. In Diverse Company has collaborated with some of the top Universities in the world and developed the In Diverse D&I Maturity Model™, which assesses the overall inclusivity of an organisation and includes a psychometric leadership assessment to measure the inclusiveness of an individual, team and leader within an organisation. Companies that create an inclusive environment and a diverse talent base are more likely to achieve commercial success. We partner with businesses who want to accelerate their commercial success. We analyse data from the past to make recommendations for the future, ensuring we focus on D&I in its broadest sense. We help you make decisions that will impact significantly, and measurably, on your business performance via our D&I ROI™ tool.

We partner with businesses who, like us, believe that diversity isn’t just good for people, it’s good for business.

Who we’re working with

What we’re talking about

We’re supporting women around the world through our free mentoring programme to build confidence, knowledge, their understanding of technology and explore future career options.

In Diverse Company hosts events globally on topics such as; “What makes a leader inclusive?”; “How can data help shape your D&I agenda?”. For more information or to register interest please…

We are proud of the international team we’ve built. Find out more about our team's stories.

Our technology learning platform drives positive behaviour change. it has been developed by technologists, human and behavioural scientists and in collaboration with academics.

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